Grendeddy Dave’s Meatballs

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Anyone who has seen us out and about on the road sampling the sauces you’ve come to love, knows that we like to showcase our great sauces with Meatballs!  It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s real good!  Now for the true to heart chefs and cooks out there, you can definitely showcase your top secret, family […]


Building the Perfect BBQ Sandwich!

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Two very important things to remember when your trying to build the perfect BBQ Sandwich.  First, you have to use the right kind of bread/roll/bun!  I mean come on, you’re with me, right?  When you grab the buns from the grocery store shelf and they’re nice and squishy, you have to do the tip toe […]

Born Again…

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Born Again… After a few tough years of trying to manage a business part time, The Merritt Brothers along with a new partner revived the company. First the shut down the old umbrella company, “Dave’s Smoke Shack Foods LLC.” and Introduced a new investor (also a family friend) and developed a new umbrella company called, […]