The Heart Of the Brand

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Grendeddy Dave’s Brand is my favorite brand because they aim to reflect “Modern and Evolving Southern Roots.” As a Company & a Family they strive to keep the Southern Traditions alive as a Brand Theme while keeping their products and Brand Image relatable to a mass majority of today’s society. The Merritt family has referred to cooking as “The Glue that holds the Family together,” as many of their fondest memories revolve around being in the kitchen, cooking and eating together (See the “The Iron Merritt Skillet” post.)

Learning the tricks and trades of Grendeddy Dave’s Cooking is and has been a right of passage for all generations. This is a tradition and passion that The Merritt Family wants to share and introduce to every consumer their Brand can reach. The Company does not strive to just be a Brand Name but strives to be a House Hold Name. Grendeddy Dave fans are not just customers to the company, but family. They aim for their products to reflect a Brand that brings families together.

”Down home southern barbecue has been in the Merritt family for years and has created a special bond between us all. The Merritt brothers have decided to share this bond with others by offering their sauces and seasonings to everyone!!!”

Taken from the Company Facebook page