Where it all Began…

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Where it all Began….

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The Merritt Family’s passion for southern foods began generations ago. In 2005, Dave’s Smoke Shack Foods LLC. was born and from that came Grendeddy Dave’s BBQ Sauces and Seasonings.

Starting with just the originial Grendeddy Dave’s Sweet & Mild Sauce, the first few batches were produced straight from Grendeddy Dave’s own kitchen. The Merritt Brothers, in company with Grendeddy Dave, cooked multiple batches of the sauce in the biggest pot you could imagine and hand spooned the final product into mason jars. Once sealed, the jars were given to family and friends who responded with such an enthusiastic love for the sauce, The Merritt Brothers decided to go bigger.

In 2005, the Merritt Family officially entered the world of commercial sauces and signed a contract with a local bottling company. This same Bottleing company bottled the most popular BBQ of the time, John Boy and Billy’s. The Merritt family as a whole decided to name the Sauce Grendeddy Dave’s in memorial of his First Grandson, Allen Merritt, who was called to heaven at the age of ten in November of 2000 due to a car accident. Allen always put an emphasis on the “e’s” in Grendeddy instead of saying Grandaddy and from there “Grendeddy” was  passed on to Allen’s little sister and then to the rest of the grandchildren to come.

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After mass producing the orginal Sweet and Mild sauce for a year or so, the Merritt Brothers developed a slightly Hotter Sauce. Grendeddy Dave’s Hot BBQ Sauce was introduced to the market and became just as popular as the original sauce. After a while the Merritt Brothers took it one step further and introduced a Vinegar based BBQ Sauce to their line. Grendeddy Dave’s HawgWash was an old family recipe but a new and exciting introduction to the market. The new style of sauce coming from the Grendeddy Dave’s brand was overwhelmingly accepted by consumers. Not too long after the HawgWash was out and mass produced, the Merritt Brothers started their line of Dry Rubs and Seasonings with Grendeddy Dave’s HawgRub. The HawgRub joined the other three products at the same bottling company and was produced out for retail.

These four products sold extremely well! Making their way into Chains of Retail Stores such as Ace Hardware, Fresh Market, and Mast General Stores (just to name a few!) However speed of sales began to exceed the amount of production the company could supply which eventually led to the…….