Born Again…

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Born Again…

After a few tough years of trying to manage a business part time, The Merritt Brothers along with a new partner revived the company. First the shut down the old umbrella company, “Dave’s Smoke Shack Foods LLC.” and Introduced a new investor (also a family friend) and developed a new umbrella company called, “QUE SOUTH, LLC.”

Que South, LLC became the new parent company of Grendeddy Dave’s BBQ Sauces and Seasonings, all of which are still currently owned and operated by two of the Merritt Brothers. The two Brothers were able to dive in Full Time and Opened a new Local headquarters and warehouse.

1st batch of HawgNuts Hawgnutsrun1 Hawgnutsrun2

Not long after moving into the warehouse and office, 3 new products were introduced. HawgNuts, The Grill box, and the annual member ship club “The PitMasters Club” were all made available for retail by March 2016. All three of the new products have been very successful and popular with exisisting customers and new customers.


Truckload1 Tralier



BigTruck2 BigTruck4 warehouse