Building the Perfect BBQ Sandwich!

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Two very important things to remember when your trying to build the perfect BBQ Sandwich.  First, you have to use the right kind of bread/roll/bun!  I mean come on, you’re with me, right?  When you grab the buns from the grocery store shelf and they’re nice and squishy, you have to do the tip toe walk to the check out so that you don’t squish them and keep them separate from everything else you’re buying, do you really think that’s going to measure up to holding your perfectly cooked BBQ?

The biggest trick I can teach you is to find a bun or roll that is just firm enough on the outside and just squishy enough on the inside to hold all that saucy, porky goodness.  Usually that means buying fresh baked stuff, yeah, I know it doesn’t keep as long as the shelf stuff but who’s to say it will last that long if the sandwiches are awesome?  The point is if you’re going to showcase the good stuff aka. the perfect BBQ, then you need to make sure it’s rested on bread that won’t fall short of holding up the goods.

The second thing to know about the perfect BBQ Sandwich is that down in the south we like to take pride in slapping some good old Cole slaw on top of our pork.  This is an ok thing to do if it’s good Cole slaw.  So many times, I’ve been to restaurants that have defaced my sandwich with their version of Cole slaw which can sometimes, well, I’ll just say it, it sometimes tastes bland, like salad, or just downright nasty.  Whatever your recipe may be for Cole slaw make sure you…… I know this is a crazy concept…… make sure you season it when you’re making it!!!  But not too much as to take away the awesomeness of the pork.  It’s an exact science to making a good Cole slaw but not so complex that it’s hours in the kitchen.  First you make sure that the cabbage is shredded or ground up to the correct consistency.  Notice I said Cabbage and I didn’t include other veggies like carrots or onions or anything crazy like that.  We’re talkin just cabbage, salt, pepper, a little shot of apple cider vinegar, sugar and good old Duke’s Mayo, oh yeah and if you want, a very little shot of mustard for the tang.  This should give a perfect complement to your sweet, tangy, or spicy pork BBQ that you spent so much time preparing.  Anyway, here’s the deal, if you pay close attention to these two details when you’re building your sandwich, you will bring out the greatness of YOUR BBQ sandwich and you are sure to be the “sandwich artist” that you’ve always wanted to be!


Cole slaw or not!  The BEST sandwich ever!  Grendeddy Dave’s Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich!

The next thing to remember about building the perfect BBQ Sandwich, in which I think is the most important thing is the Sauce!  Of course, you can never go wrong with Grendeddy Dave’s Sauces and Seasonings, but there is a certain order that you follow when cooking your BBQ and building your final sandwich.  First things first when you get your pork butts or shoulders ready to be slow cooked to perfection you need to give them a good massage and rub with some of Grendeddy Dave’s Hawg Rub.  At that point of course you let them rest over night or at least 3 hours prior to throwing them in the smoker, oven or on the grill.  When you’re about an hour away from your pork being beautifully ready, that’s when you “mop your butts” with some of the liquid gold that we call Grendeddy Dave’s Hawgwash (Eastern NC Style) Vinegar based BBQ Sauce.  One hour later you have the nicest butts you’ve ever seen…. and you’re ready to pull or chop up your fabulous BBQ!  Now two good things about Grendeddy Dave’s full range of products is that we offer two finishing sauces in our Grendeddy Dave’s Sweet and Mild BBQ Sauce and Grendeddy Dave’s Hot BBQ Sauce, for the Mild-mannered people and the Spicy folks, you know who you are!  Either way you’re not going to go wrong with any of the Grendeddy Dave’s goodness nor will you with these great tips on building the perfect BBQ sandwich!