The Grill Box with 4 bottles of each of our top products including…

– Grendeddy Dave’s Sweet and Mild BBQ Sauce
– Grendeddy Dave’s Hot BBQ Sauce
– Grendeddy Dave’s Hawgwash BBQ Sauce
– Grendeddy Dave’s Hawg Rub Seasoning

Or you can mix up a box with your favorite products, just let us know!

You’ll also receive a can of Grendeddy Dave’s Hawg Nuts, some Grendeddy Dave’s Swag as available, and any new products that we have developed as they are available.  Let us know what you think!  We wanna use this opportunity to get feedback from you on what new products work and what we can do better!



Your membership is renewable at the end of your selected membership package (Quarterly or Annual) at the same price as the promotion. If you choose the quarterly membership you will be responsible for paying for each quarter 15 days before your shipment goes out for that quarter. If you have paid for the annual membership, you will receive 4 shipments, every quarter for the year, based on the purchase date, and will be responsible for renewing for the following year if you so desired. Your shipments will be sent out via FedEx along with confirmation of your purchase via email. Please have your order changes emailed 15 days prior to your shipment date in order to get the products you want. Not every shipment will include swag and/or new products, they will only be included as they are available. Questions should be directed to orders@grendeddydavesbbq.com or call 1 866 545 DAVE.