Grendeddy Dave’s Meatballs

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Anyone who has seen us out and about on the road sampling the sauces you’ve come to love, knows that we like to showcase our great sauces with Meatballs!  It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s real good!  Now for the true to heart chefs and cooks out there, you can definitely showcase your top secret, family passed down, meatball recipe and make your own!  Hours of rolling meatballs, which would usually give you a chance to involve the kids, a rolling party! Woohoo!  But for us who don’t have as much time or ambition, there are plenty of pre-cooked, frozen versions on the market.  Here are some quick tips on buying said prepared versions.  First you’ll wanna find something that doesn’t have as much “Italian” Seasoning.  Although, the seasoning helps when you’re putting together the classic use for the meatballs, not so much for the “Que” version.  Second, pay attention to the amount of breading that are inside, some can be pretty “Bready” and thick with filler.  Like I always say, “just let the meat be meat” and get some that are classic, straight up “MEATballs” and you’ll showcase the real hero of this dish, the sauce!

Now…. it’s time to debunk a myth, a legend, a part of history that no longer needs to be repeated.  Back in the day, your grandmother, your aunt that pinches your cheek or the old guy down the street would tell you, the trick is to “put grape jelly in with the sauce, that’ll make them meatballs good”.  Although this was somewhat effective way back when the BBQ Sauces weren’t sweet or lacked the goodness it needed to make the meatballs enjoyable.  Well “STOP THE PRESSES” we now have the perfect sauce that doesn’t require any other ingredients added!  Grendeddy Dave’s Sweet and Mild BBQ Sauce makes them sweet and savory for everyone.  For the Spicey pallets you can add Grendeddy Dave’s Hot BBQ Sauce to kick up your party.




  1. Open your crock pot
  2. add meatballs
  3. add Grendeddy Dave’s BBQ Sauce
  4. Turn it on