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Our Eastern North Carolina vinegar moppin’ sauce, is great for moppin on Chicken, Beef and Pork, it will take your collards to another level and works great for marinading!

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A classic tomato based sauce with a nice bite to kick up your recipes. Same recipe as the Sweet and Mild but with a delayed spicy kick at the end to take it to another level.

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A classic tomato based sauce that combines Eastern and Western North Carolina flavors and a smokey sweet finish. This sauce is Mild enough for kids to eat but has a little bite for the adults. This is our best seller and has a huge following.

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Our Texas style dry rub is a bold spice blend, perfect for kickin’ up your favorite meats and spicing up your favorite recipes!

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Peanuts with an off the grill flavor! Our peanuts have a bold spice and great flavor to kick up any party or event, and also work as a great snack during the day!

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This awesomely loaded gift set comes with all of your Grilling Sauce and Seasoning needs! All four products in a kraft box with a nifty little handle!

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"Down home southern barbecue has been in the Merritt family for years and has created a special bond between us all. The Merritt brothers have decided to share this bond with others by offering their sauces and seasonings to everyone!!!”

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Wow! Grendeddy's is the best BBQ sauce we have ever eaten! We'll be ordering more Grendeddy's .

L. Powell West Jefferson, NC

Grendeddy Dave's BBQ Sauce is the best sauce I have every had. I will never use anything else but Grendeddy Dave's.

Cindy Wilson Sims, NC

You boys have got something here!  I picked up a bottle of the hot sauce at the state fair, and now I am hooked.  Send me a gallon - All the best -

Moses Moye Winterville, NC


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